Month 6 - Hello Hub Suleja Snapshot


Check out what has been going on at the Hello Hub in Suleja in Month 6! We are happy to see our children enrolled in school and teachers back at the Hello Hub after vacation! We have also seen an increase in the participation of women and girls from last month and the adults of the community are exploring and browsing the internet, while the children focus on improving their typing skills and playing educational games!

Say hello to Huzaifa Lawal, Hello Hub user in Suleja Nigeria

“My name is Huzaifa Lawal and I am 16 years old from Anguwan Dallatu Suleja Niger State. Am very impressed with the Hello Hub because I can learn how to type and I have access to the internet for free through the Hello Hub. I usually visit the hub 5 times a week. My favorite activities on the Hello Hub are typing, playing games and browsing the Internet. My future dream is to be a qualified medical doctor to help the people of my country Nigeria.”